The World of SPAM

SPAM is a world straight out of the comics, where superheroes and supervillains are a constant factor – and have been for over 70 years. Since the advent of World War II individuals with superheroic abilities, collectively called icons, have become a staple of daily life.

Nations across the globe have their own way of dealing with these icons – some have state-sponsored teams or individuals to protect their interests and their borders. In the United States (the prime setting of SPAM), the government has folded icons into the executive branch under the auspices of the Department of Justice with the passing of the Defender Initiative in 1968. The nation was divided up into 10 regions, and each region is given a Regional Icon Organization Team, or RIOT Team, to manage and deal with domestic and foreign threats in that region.

Officially labeled by the region, such as RIOT I and RIOT IV, these teams have also taken a more colloquial title named after the Defender Initiative.

In addition, the Department of Justice has an oversight icon team called the Justice Force who act to protect the nation’s overall interests rather than regional. Based in Washington DC the Justice Force is the ultimate expression of American icons in the eyes of the world. They are arrogant, brash, annoying, but still the most competent icons in the nation. Or so they believe.

Each RIOT team and the Justice Force are assisted by Strategic Tactical and Response teams, otherwise known as STARs, who are trained military professionals designed to support and police a world full of icons.

1000px us federal regions.svg

RIOT I – New England Defenders

RIOT II – New York Defenders

RIOT III – East Coast Defenders

RIOT IV – Dixie Defenders

RIOT V – Great Lakes Defenders

RIOT VI – The Rangers

RIOT VII – High Plains Defenders

RIOT VIII – Rocky Mountain Defenders

RIOT IX – West Coast Defenders

RIOT X – Pacific Defenders

Justice Force

The World of SPAM

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