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Gorilla with the Wind

ConfederApe breaks into the Zoo Atlanta in Georgia to liberate the gorillas and monkeys there. Afterwards, with his Simian Corps rebuilt, he plans to besiege the next door Cyclorama which houses many artifacts from the Battle of Atlanta in 1864. With control over the steam locomotive Texas (from a strange device he carries that animates steam machinery) he plans a simian uprising to bring back the glory of the Confederacy! The device is unusual and gets broken in the process. Who built it? How did the ConfederApe get it? Mysteries for another day!

Zoo Atlanta Map

Battle of Atlanta Wiki

Atlanta Cyclorama

Introduction: Spam Museum – Dr. Hormel’s DOOM Machine picks up an incident at the Zoo Atlanta
Chapter the First: Zoo Atlanta – The primates at the Zoo Atlanta have been released and run amuck!
Chapter the Second: Cyclorama – Next door ConfederApe and his Simian Corps have taken over the Civil War Museum and hold it in a renactment of the Battle of Atlanta!
Chapter the Third: Rampaging Possessed Steam Locomotive – ConfederApe uses a device to raise the spirit of the Texas, the steam locomotive, and rampages through Atlanta.

Scenario Seeds

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