Welcome to SPAM!

The world is a dangerous place. Thugs, goons, and super villains run rampant. Few beacons of hope stand yet, and one of them shines bright in little assuming Austin, Minnesota, the home base of SPAM – Super Powered Anomaly Men! A team of misfits, they are led by the mysterious Dr. Hormel and based below the infamous Spam Museum. Together they fight crime and corruption the world over, wherever the light of truth and justice shines the dimmest. There you will find the brave men and women of …

... SPAM!

About the Game

SPAM Forever is a supers game of comedic proportions, combining the best elements of The Tick, Mystery Men, Earthworm Jim, and Saturday morning cartoons. It utilizes the extremely easy and flexible Icons: Superpowered Roleplaying system from Steve Kenson and Adamant Entertainment.

SPAM Forever!

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